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Dino Battaglia

An absolute master

Research and Enquiry


Of the many artists that have influenced me over the years, Battaglia is one of my favourites. His early comics had a classic panel framing, but were already showing his sense of style and strong evocative images. Minimal backgrounds and elegant line work were already his trademark.


An example of his earlier work. The structure of the page is still very classic, each panel clearly defined by a border traced with a ruler. The dialogue doesn’t go outside the bubbles.

His later style however was really unique. As his career progressed he used more and more grainy and scratchy textures and at the same time started removing parts of the drawings and even [cut parts of] the frames to allow the for the imagination of the viewer to fill in the blanks. His artwork became more and more evocative and daring: abstract elements, stylised faces, high contrast lighting, and systematic use of…

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