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  • Art and what not

About Me

I’m 30 and over the past 15 years I’ve focused my energy on developing my skills in drawing and painting. My purpose has always been to master traditional techniques and to base my practice around that. Presently, I find myself drawn to expressive interpretations of natural subjects like greenery and organic shapes.

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Hello, I’m Antonia

You can see here some of my work. Landscape is a major theme for me, but I intend to spend more time drawing the figure in the coming years.

  • Diarmuid Kelley

    Diarmuid Kelley

    Originally posted on the art blot: A little background: Diarmuid Kelley is an oil painter from England. He studied at Newcastle University and received his Masters degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design.  He is a successful artist (yay!), with work held in a variety of collections and institutions, such as the National Portrait…

  • Sarah Maycock

    Completely, head over heels in love with Sarah Maycock‘s simple, minimalist watercolor paintings of animals. Seriously, how amazing are these? Sarah Maycock

  • Inma Serrano

    Inma‘s latest sketches are just absolutely delightful. I have been following her works for a while now, and every time, it is a sheer inspiration. Inma Serrano

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